Should you buy a plot or apartment or villa or independent house in Bangalore?

Should you buy a plot or apartment or villa or independent house in Bangalore? Hear from our experts and you can easily decide in the next few minutes which one to buy in Bangalore.


First, you decide whether you are looking for your immediate use or you are looking only for investment purposes. If you are looking for your immediate usage, the best option is to select ready-to-move-in properties of either apartments or a villa in Bangalore. 


If you would like to invest in plots, it will give you an option either you can build your independent house or you can construct it as commercial space or you can keep it as a long-term investment.


The apartment will have the advantages of 24/7 security, power backup, amenities, spacious parking, gym, clubhouse, and banquet hall facilities. Whereas an independent house will not have all these facilities, you can add a few of them like spacious parking and security at an extra cost but will compromise the amenities. 


The best apartments to buy in Bangalore are Prestige Smart City Sarjapura Road, Prestige Elisia Bannerghatta Road Bangalore, Prestige Song Of South Begur Road South Bangalore, Sobha Sterling Infinia Koramangala Bangalore, Sobha Sentosa Panathur Bangalore


If we compare villas with apartments and independent houses, villas in Bangalore will have ample facilities compared to individual houses, and apartments in Bangalore. Villa will give you the satisfaction of living in an independent house with all the facilities like a gated community, amenities, security, power backup, swimming pool, sports area, gym, and other facilities. Same facilities will be available in apartments but you will not enjoy the independent house experience as villas are the concept of independent houses. 


The best villas to invest in Bangalore are Embassy Boulevard North Bangalore, Beverly woods Sarjapura East Bangalore, Divyashree Villa Yemlur East Bangalore, Casagrand Florella


Concerning the legality of the properties, plots will be very risky in terms of ownership and transfer of ownership because it requires a lot of groundwork to check the exact owner of the plot, also we have to take the consent of all the family members in legal documents, same applies with Independent house as well that we need to see all the documents property in terms of ownership and also the transfer of ownership. If you are planning to buy plots in a gated community and you are purchasing with a good developer, the legality of documents will be clear and you can purchase peacefully. 


Some of the best Gated community plot projects to buy in Bangalore are Southern Winds Sarjapura Road Bangalore, Beverly Hills Hebbal Bangalore, Sammy Beverly Hills Plots Bangalore.


But for apartments or villas, this headache is not that much compared to independent plots or houses. Because all the documents will be proper, they will be transferred without any hassle. 


Getting loans for individual plots or independent houses is much more difficult when compared to loans for a villa or an apartment.


Expert Opinion: 

If you are looking for long term investment suggest to invest in Gated Community Plots

If you are looking for ready to move in and your budget is limited go for Apartments.

Thinking of big-budget and you are looking for individual houses invest in Villas wherein you will also be owning the land.

Individual houses and individual plots are risky to invest in as the legality of documents is the biggest risk involved. 

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