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The stage layouts proved to be even better than past games’ iterations . Sonic 3’s bonus zone was just as good as the ones in the last two Sega Genesis Sonic games, too. All of those elements came together to produce the next evolution in Sega’s strongest franchise. Grabbing rings and jumping on enemies remained fun as ever, but the ability to utilize time travel in order to access different forms of each stage added to the game’s already high fun factor. The graphics themselves got a nice shot in the arm alongside its audio – the music in Sonic CD also deserves props for being so damn catchy. Sonic CD is also one of the greatest Sonic the Hedgehog games of all time since it’s the one that debuted the diabolical Metal Sonic.

  • Each of the levels has unique treasures and gives players the option to explore.
  • While I ultimately think 2/3K have better level design, once I accepted the fact that CD’s level design is more akin to playgrounds than race courses, I couldn’t put the game down.
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Unlock Cyber Space levels featuring signature 3D platforming at Sonic speeds and a variety of challenges to test your skills like never before. You’ll find him whipping up stories about all the latest happenings in the gaming world, as well as penning the odd feature and review. Before coming to TechRadar, he wrote freelance for various sites, including Clash, The Telegraph, and, and worked as a Staff Writer at Wargamer. Strategy games and RPGs are his bread and butter, but he’ll eat anything that spins a captivating narrative.

Speaking of Sonic Pocket Adventure, that’s a game I haven’t played yet. They should bring that to Switch as well, maybe in a NEOGEO Pocket Color Collection 2. To this day I still cannot wrap my head around the idea of Mario and Sonic being together in the Olympics.


Sonic, while serious at times, was a platforming series that presented colorful worlds and fun-loving characters. It was a series that could almost be considered antithetical to the video game gun. However, Shadow the Hedgehog attempted to prove that there is no absurdity that is off limits in games. Games with guns are cool, and they sell, and that’s all they need to go together. For almost 15 years the 3D sonics were generally over scrutinized. Naturally, players didn’t enjoy that after the 2D sonic games, much of what they loved about the series changed.

However, the success was short-lived thanks to Sega’s troubles establishing the Dreamcast. In 1999, the Sega Dreamcast launched alongside Sonic Adventure. This represented the first time the series was presented in full 3D, which brought even more challenges thanks to Sonic’s speed. Series producer and current head of Sonic Team Takashi Iizuka says that while they could recycle many of the assets in a sprite-based title like the Sonic games on Genesis, 3D environments don’t allow for that.

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Sonic Lost World seems like it was designed as an answer to Mario Galaxy. The level design is made up of spheres, cubes, and other shapes, and the controls and physics are far looser than other Sonic titles. It’s a game that showed some potential for where Sonic could go, but it lacked the tight, well everything, that makes the Galaxy titles top-tier.

How to Stop Worrying and Love New Sonic Characters

All that the developers needed to do was just decrease the frequency of spawns to make exploring tolerable. Unfortunately, exploring is just made aggravating to even attempt in the game. The people saying that Sonic games are just about holding right and jumping every once and a while have obviously never played past the first level in a Sonic game.

All the great Sonic games remain focused on what Sonic does best, ⇒Emulator Games Online which is providing a fast-paced and thrilling platformer with style. You’d think that Sega executives would realize that they don’t have to reinvent the wheel and cash in on every trend in order to keep Sonic successful. – in 2001, the first “main series” entry in seven years – was a broken slog that set bad precedents in its mechanics. In the years hence, the quality moved up and down, but there was an increasing sense of irritation. Fans wanted Sonic to simply dash through gorgeous environments, but SEGA’s programmers seemed flummoxed by that one request.

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